Book “Mosaic Marriage”

A mosaic is not about one piece. It’s the accumulation of pieces that make the entire depiction. Marriage is a mosaic. Every day, every moment, new pieces come together to help form a greater, more beautiful image.

In Mosaic Marriage, author and pastor David Barringer offers a collection of memoirs and thoughts about marriage and relationships, some of them reprinted from his blog. He shares his ideas about building a strong marriage using personal anecdotes and many Biblical examples to provide a guide for those seeking insight and wisdom about their marital relationship. Each chapter provides a thought for a day and a challenge to work on.

Barringer tells how there is nothing perfect about marriage; it is full of flaws and issues. But when it’s put together in a covenant with God, a beautiful picture comes into focus. Mosaic Marriage serves to assist, encourage, and build up marriages and soon-to-be marriages. It’s the guide to help bring broken pieces into one complete marriage.